【Outline of work】

  1. Tax
    Some bookkeeping, data arrangement and legal work (for Japanese companies based in Africa)
  2. Financial Advisory
    Support for sourcing and due diligence of local companies (for companies all over the world)
  3. Support for expansion of Japanese company to Africa
    Making appointment, Arrangement of hotels, vehicles and lodges (for Japanese companies based in Africa)
  4. Various surveys
    Support for various surveys
  5. Offshore business
    Management of local staffs engaged in editing photos
  6. Purchasing and Exporting of traditional handicrafts
    Negotiation with local suppliers, Jobs that are related to exporting
  7. Others
    Setting up new projects


  • August 2019~

【Essential Requirement】

  1. Commitment

【Preferable requirement】

  1. English fluency (Native speaker are welcome)


  • Mainly Rwanda (There is possibility of travel trip to Kenya)


  • We offer dwelling and meal for free