African Accounting Advisory collaborates with Rexvirt Communications, E-gates, A.B.C Partners in the field of consulting

Africa Accounting Advisory Ltd have reached an agreement with E-gates Ltd that is based in Rwanda, Rexvirt Communications that is based in Japan and A.B.C Partners that is based in Japan. We have began to offer consulting business to clients that are interested in expanding to the African markets.

Our goal is to support our clients comprehensively from setup to later growth, using the knowledge and experiences we have acquired through each business.

Please contact us if you are interested in expanding to Africa.

Japanese consulting firm based in Rwanda. They help Japanese and other world wide companies for the survey of the market when they expand to Rwanda. They also make arrangement for business tour and observation.

IT company, funded in 2009, that is specialized in Software development and is based in Chiyoda, Tokyo. From 2011, they started offshore business in Rwanda. In 2014, they established the company “Wiredin” Rwanda. In 2016, they set up business community to create opportunity for business between Rwanda and Japan. They also arrange observation tours for business person interested in expanding to Africa and plan business mission such as business matching.

Consulting firm based in Minato, Tokyo. They offer consulting services about strategy, operation and IT. In addition to the consulting services, they offer support such as advisory services and fund raising. They also helped Rexvirt expand to Rwanda from the beginning.